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  Mike Darnell became a Silent Key 10/06/2019  

Pam Cox became a Silent Key 09/19/2019

Loving Wife of Dave KF4WOJ, Mother and Dear Friend

No service is planned and burial  will be at the National Cemetery at Bushnell, Florida.


Bob became a Silent Key on Monday 06/03/2019


Bob headed up the VE testing division of the club and brought many a new HAM into the hobby.

His compassion and friendly demeanor will be sorely missed by all HAMs and especially by his loving wife (also a HAM) Marie Louise.

 Robert C Bergstrom, Jr. became a Silent key on 12/18/2017

Robert was born on January 22, 1960

He is survived by his mother, Barbara; brothers, Michael and Mark; niece, Sarah; and nephew, Matthew. Pinecrest


I am deeply saddened to announce the passing of former SHARC member Osvaldo (Ozzie) Rivera, KB4OZ .
Service will be held on Friday, September 22, 2017 at: 11:00 A.M.

The Christian Life Assembly of God
13065 Jacqueline Road
Brooksville, FL 34613
Burial will follow at Bushnell National Cemetery.

by Dave Haney (W3SJ)



I have just confirmed with Walt Piper (W8CPO) that his wife Marlene passed away Thursday, March 17 2016.


She had been ill for several weeks...They have been club members for some time!


The viewing is set for 3 pm Tuesday March 22, 2016  at the Downing Funeral Home on Rte. 19 in Spring Hill.


Bob Kallaway       KP2AV




A service we at SHARC offer is our SK equipment resolution assistance.

 You can have the SK committee sell the HAM equipment for the best possible price and pay a modest commission, or,

if you are so inclined, you can donate the items to the club and all proceeds go into the treasury, as SHARC is a 501(c)3,

all donations are tax-deductible.

Contact Dave Haney (W3SJ) at w3sj@tampabay.rr.com


Silent Keys / Friends Remembered

In memory of our members and founders who have passed

(Family or close friends may submit an obit to the webmaster for inclusion in these pages)

Mike Darnell KD7TOZ 10/06/2019
Pam Cox KG4ZVI 09/19/2019
Bob Kallaway KP2AV 06/03/2019
Jim Sutkoff WA2FAA 10/12/2018
Walt Piper W8CPO 2018
Robert C Bergstrom, Jr KK4NAT 12/18/2017
Dennis Hanvey N2VYJ 11/08/2016
Richard (Rick) Hollwedel N2TKB 10/12/2016
Osvaldo (Ozzie) Rivera KB4OZ Sept, 2017
Alan McGrew KC4MTS Feb, 2016
Charles D Ingher K2NY Jan, 2016
Larry Edelstein VE6NYC July, 2015
Horace Bonds KE4QHO May, 2015
Michael Wagner WB1DJC March, 2015
Ray Beningo AA4ZJ March, 2015
Cliff Atkins N8DII September, 2014
Rich Vent KK4DIR March, 2014
Todd F. Hildreth KB4FDV December, 2013
Thomas Clarke W4WWV November, 2013
Philip Russo W3ELS July, 2013
Bill Rodriguez K2WT June, 2013
Claude R. "Mac" MacArthur W4TAU May, 2013
Lin Miller WA4SPR November, 2012
Charles Velton K2CFV September, 2012
Larry Gallemore N4LLU April, 2012
Alan Carson KJ4NDM February, 2012
Rex Fisher K9VLW February, 2012
Ray Allard W1RAA January, 2012
Charles "Chaz" Perdue K3DWI February, 2011
Jerry Mezzacapo N8VTW September, 2010
Ken Manuelian K1UM September, 2009
David Boyd W3DTB November, 2008
Bob Leitzel NP2MB August, 2008
Bob Bryan N4EBH July, 2008
Jordan Friedman WB2IMO January, 2008
Noble J.Dowling KF6CTY May, 2007
Richard Steinberg KB2EH March, 2007
Krista Tinkham KI4CHG November, 2006
Arch Macinnes KA2OGG November, 2006
Thomas Brandt K9EOP November, 2006
Elton Stolberg AK1M May, 2006
Emmett Marshall KC4VNC June, 2005
Fred Andrest WA2PDR January, 2005
Bud Boulton WA8CFP December, 2004
Robert "Bob" Thing W1SJN December, 2004
George Jowdy W1KBO November, 2004
Irwin Weinerman W4GRR August, 2004
Henry "Hank" Wemple W2EQO July, 2004
Al South KJ4WI July, 2004
Charles Smith N1ZOM February, 2004
James "Bud" Little N0BL September, 2003
Dorothy Donnelly KE4NSD June, 2002
Paul Sauer K4ZC October, 2000
William Kelly KE4VYY March, 2000
Hank Petersen KJ4LG January, 2000
Harry "Bud" Cudney W2IWA May, 1999
Win Knowlton K1BUM August, 1998
Bert Tannenbaum KE4VYS April, 1998
Ken Wilson KD4PHV September, 1996
Marvin P. Oehring W1GEN August, 1994
George Granger KJ4BP November, 1993
Wilbur D. Clark W3RMS March, 1993
Joseph Zarcone KD4NRK December, 1992
Armand Gilone KJ4JQ January, 1992
Lou Lazarus K4FYD January, 92
Al Sarjeant KB4SFV November, 1991
Cotton Stokes KB9LT October, 1991
Fran McNulty KB4SFT August, 1991
Frank Port W1ION August, 1991
Al Vesce K4CY June, 1991
John Knoerl W2LKQ August, 1990
Jim Metcalfe W3NBC October, 1989
Ken Brown WA1DXN July, 1989
Art Luce KB4JBI November, 1988
Jim Woolvin N4LQH September, 1988
Julia Knowlton KA4YNV August, 1987
John Russell KD4TE December, 1986
Tom Finelli K2RNS October, 1986
Chuck Gilman N4JXJ June, 1986
Jim Shannon WD4MLQ April, 1986
John Keating WD4SGJ December, 1985

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